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The aphrodisiac history of bananas

Its shape makes the bananaBanana - the phallic food for sexual hormone production 1 a shoe-in for world’s most suggestive food. But, phallic allusions aside, bananas have a lot to offer to the world of romance.

For starters, behind that slick peel, the slender banana’s fruit is packed with nutrients essential to sexual hormone production, including potassium and B vitamins. (Incidentally, did you know the fruit of the banana plant–that’s right it’s not a tree–is classified as a berry?)

Bananas originated in Asia, where they became one of the earliest cultivated fruits. (And one of the earliest aphrodisiacs.) In India, where their aphrodisiac nature was embraced early on, bananasBanana - the phallic food for sexual hormone production 3 were known a favorite fruit of the sages. Even today, bananas are included in Indian offerings to the fertility gods.

But this sexy reputation extends to many other cultures. In Islam, the banana, not the apple, was believed to be the forbidden fruit of the Garden of EdenBanana - the phallic food for sexual hormone production 5. And according to Temptations: igniting the pleasure and power of aphrodisiacs, at one time bananas were off limits to women in native Hawaiian culture simply because of shape.

They were introduced to the Caribbean and Central America by early Portuguese and Spanish explorers. And the fruit’s aphrodisiac nature quickly took hold and still remains today. In fact, in Central America, the sap of the red banana tree is sipped as an aphrodisiac elixir.

As I mentioned in my introduction, the banana’s aphrodisiac reputation isn’t all hype. This soft, sweet, tropical fruit is actually a nutritional gift. A good source of fiber and aforementioned potassium, it is thought to be an aid in lowering blood pressure. And not only is it gentle on digestion, but bananas contain tryptophan, an amino acid know to promote relaxation.

For a sexy, year-round treat, try freezing bananas, then dip in hot fudge and feed to your lover.

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