aphrodisiac oysters

Is oyster the ultimate aphrodisiac food?

The oyster just may be the most evocative symbol of passion in the food world. No food has a greater reputation as an aphrodisiac food than oysters. Some experts believe that it is this association, the oyster cliche, that gives them an aphrodisiac reputation. However, thanks to modern science, we now know that oysters also have some proven potency.

Oddly there are those who believe the connection between oysters and romance is about a game of chance. It stems from a rumor that slurping a bivalve from its shell might reveal a pearl.  Unfortunately, edible oysters are not a pearl-producing variety. However, if you forget about the jewelry and look at what oysters have to offer nutritionally, you might get pretty excited. And better than playing some sort of find the pearl game, these results are guaranteed!

The aphrodisiac of oysters–a healthy treat

So, although they won’t give you a strand of pearls, the sensual bivalves make a luxurious and healthy treat. As for what makes oysters an aphrodisiac? Well, for starters, their slightly salty/sweet scent is a smell not dissimilar to a potent female pheromone. And for this reason, their delicately briny aroma is considered sexually stirring.

Although the serving of nutrients in a single oyster is negligible, eaten by the dozen, they’re loaded with zinc. And zinc is a key nutrient for testosterone production. In fact, it’s important for stimulating libido in both men and women.

A lean source of protein, the aphrodisiac of oysters have been credited with keeping men virile well into old age. (Casanova supposedly consumed 50 of the aphrodisiac bivalves each day to keep his libido in top form.)

In 2007, an aim to up oysters’ libido-boosting power led one mad, Australian oyster farmer to slip crushed Viagra into his oyster beds. The resulting oysters were rejected by Australian health officials. But there was some Asian interest in the drugged-up mollusks. However, the makers of Viagra slapped a lawsuit on the creative fisherman for misuse of a trademarked name in making his aphrodisiac oysters. This brought a quick end to the farmer’s plans to market his chemically altered seafood around the world.

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