pumpkin pie spice -- scent and seduction

An aphrodisiac for men?

In a clinical study, Dr. Alan Hirsch of The Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation discovered that the scent of pumpkin pie spice in combination with lavender was extremely effective in arousing men. But what is in this culinary fairy dust that could inspire a long night of passion?

The primary ingredient in pumpkin pie spice is cinnamon. Historically, cinnamon oil was used as a mood elevator. It was a treatment for impotence and a fatigue fighter. Although I’m not endorsing a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice in the panties, one historic application involves a drop of cinnamon oil rubbed onto the genitals for producing powerful sexual stimulation.

Ginger is another component of the spice blend. Ginger plays into the aphrodisiac history of both the East and West. But my favorite aphrodisiac myth is that of Madame du Barry. Legend has it that the saucy French tart specialized in the practice of serving ginger to her lovers. It was said to drive all, including her most famous lover, Louis XV, to a state of complete and utter submission.

Although recipes for pumpkin pie spice vary, most also include nutmeg and cloves. And both of these two intensely flavored spices help raise body temperature and have been used in the East to sweeten breath.

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