salmon, best food for men

Salmon for stamina, mood and more

Like most seafood, salmon enjoys a rich history as a natural aphrodisiac. But it is only in recent times that we’ve pinpointed this fish as a sexual powerhouse. An excellent source of protein–essential for stamina–it is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, proven to elevate serotonin levels in the brain and thereby enhance mood. This fish is vitamin rich. Its gives a great dose of A, D, B and calcium; which are all known to be necessary for giving the all-important libido lift.

Wild salmon, deeper in color and more abundant in flavor than farmed fish, still garners high prices and an air of indulgence. A deliciously rosy color, the very appearance of salmon steak is symbolic of love. The deepest colored and most flavorful of the fish include Pacific silver and sockeye.

King salmon, a true king of fish, can appear either deep red or entirely white-fleshed. Farm raised Atlantic salmon lacks the flavor and bright coloring of wild fish. A growing contingent of the health community also raises concerns of toxins found in the flesh of farmed fish in far higher quantities than that of wild caught salmon.

Salmon live to spawn. What could be a more perfect aphrodisiac than an animal that lives to reproduce? (Their eggs, tiny orange-colored pearls of the sea, are also often cited among the worlds’ greatest aphrodisiacs).

Traditionally, the Scotch will serve salmon rolled with caviar. The Celts viewed the fish as a symbol of wisdom. A nineteenth century, American cookbook entitled How To Keep a Husband encouraged serving it baked in parchment. Smoked salmon, ribbons of soft, pink flesh with aromas and flavors that hint of sea and sweetness, take the fish’s aphrodisiac allures to a whole other realm.

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