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The aphrodisiac allure of mango

Mango groves were considered status symbols in Southeast Asia throughout much of history. The fruit was, and still is, considered symbols of male sexuality in that part of the world.

The fruit is believed to have originated in Eastern India. And that nation has embraced the fruit for centuries. An Indian poet, perhaps the victim of too much fermented mango juice, took his affair with the ripe fruit so far as to dub whole mangoes as “sealed jars of paradisiacal honey.” Also, in India men are prescribed mango therapy to increase virility. It is unknown whether there is truth to its properties as a miracle cure or if mango therapy is simply a ploy to bump up mango consumption in the world’s leading mango-producing nation. In Caribbean music, there are references to ripe, juicy mango as a metaphor for female genitalia.

From a nutritional standpoint, mangos are a good source of vitamins A and C. Now, these vitamins don’t impact your sex life directly but they’re powerful weapons in fighting aging. The best lovers are people who look and feel their very best.

However, mangos can directly help your sex life. And this just might be how they got their centuries-old reputation. The fruit is a good, natural source of vitamin E. This vitamin, a key to virility, is also known as the sex vitamin. Perhaps it is the magic of vitamin E, in combination with the mango’s juicy, fleshy texture and hint of natural sugar that give it a reputation as an aid in games of love.

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