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Why Potassium is Important for Sexual Health–and how to eat more

The truth about potassium and sexual health

You know that scene, so popular in movies, when an older man experiences a heart attack in the midst of the bedroom tango with a younger woman? The man collapses of a heart attack, the young female panics, chaos ensues.

I remember I used to ask myself, every time I watched that scene play out, “Can this really happen?” And, if it can, “What happens in the body to cause this type of reaction?” It wasn’t until I went to school for nutrition that I learned that, yes, although it might be largely exaggerated for cinematic effect, this can actually happen. Evidently the common cause for most cardiovascular attacks is an interruption of a balance of potassium and sodium. Scary? Yes. So if you ever wondered if potassium is important for sexual health, the answer is YES.

Even if you think you’re not a threat for a cardiovascular episode, you still need potassium for a great sex life. For starters, your muscles will not work efficiently if you do not have the proper balance. Since sex is one of the greatest forms of exercise, you can see the link. And taking it daily can prolong your life. It will also increase your stamina. .

Are you filtering out important nutrients?

People who use drugs, drink alcohol, or enjoy caffeinated beverages are filtering potassium out. As a matter of fact, this key nutrient is percolating through your skin as sweat right now. So load up on potassium-rich food before in engaging in any bedroom workout. The exit of potassium leads to an unfortunate increase in the concentration sodium in your body. And this can cause bloating or swelling–which really doesn’t help in feeling sexy. It also slows the metabolism. (Haas)

Counteracting the sodium with greater levels of this key nutrient enhances the cardiovascular activity. It also helps define  muscles. And it supports the nervous system. It is essential to have a healthy level in your system so that the brain can communicate efficiently with the body.

How to get potassium in your diet

How do you make sure you’re getting potassium in your diet? It might be more easy than you think. This all-important nutrient just happens to be found within some aphrodisiac foods such as: bananas; cantaloupe; beets; oranges and orange juice; coconut water; spinach; wild game and clams.

Because potassium is important for sexual health as well as overall health, everyone should be practicing the daily intake of 2000mg. Why? Because in order to maintain great cardiovascular health you need to be sure that there is the proper potassium/sodium balance in your body. Not only does the relationship “generate muscle contractions,” it also “regulates the heartbeat.” (Haas)

Now, where would we rate in bed if we couldn’t hold on tight to our lovers or other… things…and, of course, I think everyone can grasp how unattractive dropping dead could be. A dwindling level of potassium could lead to hypertension, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, fatigue,” even, “depression and other mood changes.” (Haas) Scary to think that one may not have the ability to avoid a poor sexual performance simply because their diet is low in fresh foods. How tragic.

Yes, the food we regularly consume does have potassium. However, the challenge of maintaining proper levels of this nutrient is that it’s soluble and therefore cooks out or quickly leeches out of our systems. Additionally, since it can be lost by drinking alcohol, smoking, sweating…Party animals beware that your party habits have a direct impact on your sex life. However, in my opinion, instead of stopping the party, enjoy all life has to offer. Just increase the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins consumed. So, throw back a glass of orange juice, enjoy a fruit salad, or a rare steak with some greens and reward your libido with the opportunity for more fun.

Need a potassium-rich recipe? Try this easy dinner recipe for Herb-Marinated Bison.


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