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Cacao’s Theobromine–the secret to chocolate’s health benefits

Aphrodisiac Nutrition with Delahna Flagg Discover theobromine Theobroma cacao is the name given to the seeds of the Cacao tree. The main, active alkaloid found within these seeds is theobromine. Its characteristics include the ability to energize and heal the human body. The Aztecs revered theobromine as a god-like substance and indulged in these dark, exotic seeds […]

Vegan Banana Bread–an easy recipe for baking dairy-free

You won’t believe it’s vegan It’s amazing what you can find surfing Instagram. We’ve found several ideas to inspire our recipe development but in this instance, we found a whole recipe! This Instagram find came from elyonlylyablolus, one of the authors of the blog Plaisir Vegan, a site dedicated to simple techniques for vegan cooking. Although […]

Morning Mango Nice Cream Recipe

We found this recipe while hunger surfing Instagram. This Mango Nice Cream recipe was so simple and perfect that the author, theglowingfridge, was able to post the entire recipe in the comments–now that’s our kind of weekday breakfast recipe! Although we don’t actively promote a vegan lifestyle, we love the philosophy and approach of the […]