10 steps to sexy diet

10 steps to sexy dietDo aphrodisiacs really work? That’s the question we’re most often asked.

By Amy Reiley with Delahna Flagg

The simple answer, as far as we’re concerned, is yes. But maybe not in the way you think. Sure, there are foods that can raise body temperature, lower inhibitions, set the scene for luring the man or woman of your dreams to slide between your satin sheets. However, if you look throughout history at most of the natural foods deemed aphrodisiac, you’ll find that most aren’t quick fixes. And none (that science has conclusively proven) will immediately raise sexual hormone levels. In fact, most famous aphrodisiacs are part of a long term plan toward raising and/or maintaining sexual hormone levels, amplifying beauty, improving mood, stamina and preserving youth.

That’s what the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet is all about. Our in-house nutrition expert Delahna Flagg and aphrodisiacs expert Amy Reiley created this diet to help you discover and enjoy the foods that help you become and stay your most attractive, energized, sensual and sexually primed self. And yes, we’ve broken our plan down into 10 easy steps.

Can your diet really improve your sex life?

Absolutely and resoundingly yes! We know that certain nutrients are essential to sexual function and overall performance. Eating wild salmon in Pinot Noir sauce with a side of spinach will go a long way to prepare both your body and your mind for the horizontal cha cha. Enjoying a burger and fries?… that limited pleasure ends with the last bite.

If you’re not sold on trading in your Entenmann’s for a fruit salad, chew on this: According to Women’s Health, functional MRI studies show that when you eat a nutrition-rich meal, the neocortex lights up with fireworks just as it does when you’re having sex.

choose good fats for a healthy dietThe 10 Steps to Sexy Diet
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