Rooted Fork Tours–a new reason to visit the Napa Valley

Rooted Fork Foodie Tours in Downtown NapaWe’ve just discovered a new reason to visit the NapaValley: the Rooted Fork Foodie Tours Taste of Downtown Napa. It sounds like a gourmet odyssey perfect for anyone who loves great food and American wine. Best of all, it offers a way to taste Napa without having to get in your car and drive all over the Valley. Designated drivers everywhere will be rejoicing!

For a mere $90, guests will get an insider’s look at some of Napa’s greatest drinking and dining destinations. The Rooted Fork Foodie Tours in Napa 2tours last 3 hours and includes at least 8 tastes. Think lemon ricotta pancakes, reuben “balls,” wine-infused chocolates, local charcuterie, local beers and, of course, Napa Valley wines. (We’re getting full just thinking about it.)

The trip, (obviously), requires walking but bathroom breaks are ample–it says so on their website! Guests must be over 21 to drink. A “mocktail” version of the tour is available for $85 for guests ages 18-20. For vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions, the folks at Rooted Fork Foodie Tours will do their best to accommodate your requests but check before booking. For more information or to make your reservation, visit the Rooted Fork Foodie Tours website.

In Case You Need a Hibiscus Daiquiri

don't you need a hibiscus daiquiri?

How far will you go for a great cocktail?

True, St-Barth may be a long way to go for a cocktail but this one is worth the trip! Chevel Blanc has introduced a menu of new cocktails inspired by the local environment, including the aforementioned Hibiscus Daiquiri.  Read more

Vancouver Has an Ice Cream Tour?–here’s how to sign up!

Vancouver Ice Cream Tour

Vancouver is an ice cream destination

I scream, you scream, Vancouver screams for ice cream! Apparently Vancouver residents have a bit of a sweet tooth because this summer ice cream tour is back for a third year. Created by tour company Off The Eaten Track, the Gourmet Ice Cream tour includes 6 scoops of ice cream and 35 minutes of light walking to discover some of the city’s best licks. Read more

The Low-Alcohol Wine Tasting Map–and other insider tips to Napa and Sonoma

low-alcohol wine tasting map | EatSomethingSexy.comWe recently learned that Jordan Winery launched a lifestyle blog. We figured it would be a place to get their chef’s recipes and updates on events. But when we went to the site, we found THIS. Possibly the most genius wine tasting guide we’ve ever seen, it’s a low-alcohol wine tasting map covering Napa and Sonoma County! Read more

A Cambodian Food Tour with an Insider’s Perspective

Cambodian food tour

Discover Cambodia the tastiest way

Southeast Asian food is hot–not just literally but in the trend sense! What most of us know of Southeast Asian cuisine is Vietnamese but Cambodia has a wealth of food traditions all its own. And what better way could there be to discover the cuisine of this ancient land than through the eyes of a local cookbook author?”Temples and Tastings” is a Cambodian food tour led by culinary expert Robert Carmack and his company, The Globetrotting Gourmet. Read more