10 best foods for men

Discover the 10 foods all men need to eat

by Amy Reiley with Delahna Flagg

Men and women are not created equal, at least not physiologically. And while you might sit down to the same healthy meal, you may not get the same health results. Men need more calories and protein (based on body weight). But, because their reproductive systems function differently from those of women, they also need different nutrients to support their differing systems.

Studies prove that men tend to have a stronger sex drive than women. Yet, according to Web MD, approximately one in five men has a low sex drive. The problems can be psychological or related to stress. But a low sex drive can also signal health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. And poor diet can contribute significantly to all of these problems. That’s why nutritional expert Delahna Flagg and I created this list of the 10 best foods for mens’ sexual health. In addition to foods that will help support libido and sexual hormone production our 10 best foods for men offers ingredients for improving stamina, circulation, mood and even your good looks.

salmon, best food for menThe 10 Best Foods For Men

Food #1

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