Person hiking in the red rocks near Enchantment Resort shortly after sunrise

Enchantment Resort – why Sedona is for lovers

Recharge your spiritual connection at Enchantment Resort

Every twosome can benefit from a romantic getaway. But how about coupling that getaway with a spiritual pick-me-up? If your answer is yes (and why wouldn’t it be?) then as soon as humanly possible transport yourselves to Enchantment Resort in Sedona!

Located halfway between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, Sedona, according to indigenous lore, is the birthplace of man- and woman-kind. The region possesses an awe-inspiring grandeur that has led it to be tabbed among the most beautiful places in the country.

There is something extra: “Vortexes” saturating the area are said to radiate electromagnetic waves. These waves promote a feeling of mystical wonder that can help the two of you regain that: “we’re totally connected to each other” feeling.

The journey begins at Mii amo spa

The best place to begin your inner and outer journeys is at Mii amo spa (a Native American word for “journey”). Nestled inside the red rock haven of Boynton Canyon, the destination spa is adjacent to Enchantment Resort. All spa services are available to Enchantment guests.

Each morning you can set your intentions for the day (i.e.: “we will really listen to one another”) inside a “kiva-like” meditation space called the Crystal Grotto. However, every aspect of this spa promotes a feeling of oneness, love and being in the moment.

Step outside and watch the constantly shifting light over the rocks, providing a view that offers something fresh whenever you look. If that isn’t a metaphor for relationships, what is?

During this Mii amo/Enchantment Resort idyll, stretch your definition of spa treatments by booking an “Inner Quest” or a “Psychic Massage.” The former connects you to the wisdom of the Native Indian Elders while the latter seeks to disconnect you from fear and negative patterns.

Hiking the red rocks

Few activities provide a more spiritually bonding experience than hiking, and Sedona’s bounty includes over 100 designated trails in the Coconino National Forest. The Hike House can help you choose the trails that best suit your needs. Prepare for crystal clear creeks, magical forests, cool canyons and of course towering red rocks. To up the soul-searching ante, contact Vortex Yoga Hiking in Sedona for a truly mind-blowing way to channel the area’s energy.

Experiencing the water

There is energy and magic on the water surrounding Sedona as well. The staff at Enchantment Resort can help you schedule a ‘Water to Wine Kayaking Adventure’ on the Verde River. Cottonwood, Sycamores and Sage dot the banks as you make your way toward the Alcantara Vineyards, Here your paddling efforts will be rewarded with tastings of Arizona-grown wines from many of Europe’s noble grapes to be savored while drinking in the rolling hills surrounding the vineyard.

One for the bucket list

It would be a crime against your relationship to end this journey of reconnecting without visiting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Sedona Sky Treks can ferry you via a one-hour Cessna ride to Grand Canyon West. Transfer to a helicopter for a thrilling 3200-foot descent to the bottom of the Canyon. The views you’ll be privy to will be imprinted in your brains forever, creating a powerful shared memory you can access for the rest of your lives.

Spiritual Sedona – it’s yours for the taking!

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