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Men Should Eat Oats for Sexual Health

The 10 Best Foods for Men #8

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The power of protein

Why should men eat oats for sexual health? Adult males require more protein than any other gender and age group. But  not all forms  of protein should come from animals.  A serving of oats can provide as much as 14% of your daily protein requirement. (The less processed the oats, the more protein they will contain. So whenever possible, choose whole oats and skip the quick-cooking stuff.) What’s significant to your sex life about oats’ protein content? Protein is key for energy and you need energy for sexual health and performance.

Oats promote blood flow

In addition, oats have the power to improve blood flow by reducing fat deposits and improving sugar metabolism.  The regular consumption of oats can help  men have longer and more active lifestyles by avoiding stroke, heart attacks, and diabetes.  An additional perk for men is that the manganese found in oats that will improve hormone levels and function. So that is why all men should be eating more oats for sexual health.

More on the Aphrodisiac Powers of Oats

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