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Manganese & Health – why your sex drive needs it to thrive

The delicate balance of manganese and your health

Manganese may be the catch-22 of nutrients. If you’re deficient, you body is going to break down. If you have too much, your body is going to break down. However, without a sufficient amount of this nutrient you will not be able to perform at peak ability. Not only that, but research shows that insufficiency will diminish you reproductive system. Suffice it to say, the balance of manganese and health is one of the most difficult and important to achieve.

What happens without sufficient manganese?

So how do we get the right amount? The body does produce manganese. Just not enough. Therefore, we need to incorporate the right foods into our diets. The health of your skin, bones, metabolism, sight, hearing and nervous system depends on a sufficient level of manganese.  Health professionals advise us that without it, you will age faster and, to put it simply, go brittle.

Why? Because manganese nurtures your body’s enzymes and helps eliminate disease-causing free radicals. It improves your body’s defenses and cell regeneration. It balances sugars and combats histamines, bone loss and neurological or reproductive weakness. However, as I alluded to earlier, too much of this good thing can cause over-stimulation and excretion of the enzymes and minerals benefited by a daily dose. So what do we do? It’s simple, follow the RDA. Only a little a day and your body will be fueled to function better at every moment, especially the intimate ones.

Eating your daily allowance

It’s easy to get the amount you need with a healthy diet. To get your daily dose, enjoy the dark, leafy greens such as kale, chard and collard greens. Not a fan of the leafy greens? Then have your fill of berries, grapes, legumes, seeds and nuts.  Another good source is tropical fruit, especially pineapple.  Equally as important, try to limit your intake of antibiotics, alcohol and drugs that deplete manganese. Ensure you’re ingesting your daily dose and get ready to reap the benefits of glowing skin, revved up metabolism and recharged reproductive system.


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