Peanuts and health--why peanuts are great for women's health

Peanuts and Health–packed with protein, folate and more

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Peanuts and health? You might be surprised to learn all the ways peanuts can beneficially impact health, particularly women’s health.

Like tree nuts, peanuts offer the body a healthy source of fat. (You may have heard the term “good fat” before. Despite what many popular diets might have you believe, we need a healthy amount of fat for the delivery and storage of many essential nutrients.) Peanuts also offer folate, a nutrient essential to the female reproductive system and one that is difficult to get from food sources. This is why peanuts are of particular benefit to women. And an additional benefit to women, peanuts are a source of calcium. 

The peanut is a member of the legume family. (Legumes basically include all members of the pea family.) And, as a legume, the peanut offers all-important fiber. (Fiber, ladies, can be an aphrodisiac by reducing bloat and helping you look and feel your best.) And like all legumes, peanuts offer the body a good source of plant-based protein. Most interestingly, in a study lead by the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, it was discovered adding peanuts to your diet regularly can increase longevity. (This goes for both men and women across several ethnic groups.) And speaking of benefits for both men and women, peanuts are a source of Arginine. This nutrient helps keep blood pumping at a regular rate, which is good not only for the heart but also for orgasm.

Now that you understand the link between peanuts and health, you might want to consider keeping a package of portable peanuts in your bag for a healthy boost of energy on the go.

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