Do you know how to take care of your sexual health? Do you know that everything you eat impacts your body in a positive or negative way? Learn how you can improve and maintain your libido. Our team of writers is keeping up every day with the latest research into food and your health. Seriously, you are what you eat! So learn everything you can about food and health.

white bowl with nuts and several laying in front

Manganese & Health - why your sex drive needs it to thrive

The delicate balance of manganese and your health Manganese…
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The Impact of Pheromones on Sexual Attraction

When it comes to sexual attraction, your nose knows what you…
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Savor the Moment - Step #10 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Living in the moment is sexy Put down the distractions! (And…
Thinking Burns Calories and Makes You an More Creative Lover

Thinking Burns Calories...and More--Step #9 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Thinkers burn more calories You burn calories every moment just…
Move your body! It's one of the 10 Steps to Sexy

Move Your Body - Step # 8 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Regular exercise can promote intimacy We exercise to help our…