Why you need water--simple facts about the importance of hydration

Why You Need Water – Step #3 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Enjoying the sensation of hydration

Most of our body is made of water and it needs constant refreshing.  A regular water routine is like a daily detox and will help you maintain optimal energy. Don’t forget, there are many toxins in our environment; detoxes aren’t exclusively for over-indulgent behavior. And every glass of refreshing water you drink helps to flush toxins away. Detoxification is really that simple! From this point, it’s easy to see why you need water.

And you need hydration because it helps the body maintain balance by nourishing cells, tissues, joints. Yes, among other things, it lubricates your joints and helps you move with ease and agility. And speaking of nourishing cells, water boosts the health and beauty of your skin. It’s a sad fact that chronic dehydration can lead to premature wrinkles.

But how much is enough? Every body is different but the Mayo Clinic has a good guideline for how much the average man and woman should consume.

Don’t forget, water is a key aid to digestion. Oh, and one last thing I think you’re going to appreciate. For those looking to shed a few, this clear, clean beverage can help you feel more satisfied at meals by filling the stomach and encouraging portion control. Portion control the natural way–there’s so much to love about water!

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