Headshot of Delahna Flagg in Red Chef's Coat

Delahna Flagg work in food and nutrition spans twenty years. Growing up in a household where organic food and active lifestyles were a must, Delahna suffered envy for the kids who ate junk food every day. But as an adult, she turned that energy into an appreciation for health and nutrition.

In fact, it became evident to Delahna at an early age that she wanted to encourage nutritious eating habits to support fulfilling lives. And so she embarked on a journey of food education.

Today, Delahna holds a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu. In addition, she has degrees in physiology and nutrition including a BS, Masters and doctoral work at The Center for Mind Body Medicine.

However she’s best known not for her academic work but as the co-host of Pamela Anderson’s web series The Sensual Vegan. And co-author of the bestselling aphrodisiac baking book Eat Cake Naked, co-authored by Amy Reiley.

Delahna Flagg’s love and zeal for food pushes her daily and she dreams that one day everyone will be able to love food and stay healthy. She hopes that her work at Eat Something Sexy will inspire others to make healthy food choices, if only to improve their sex lives.


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