Delahna Flagg, expert on aphrodisiac nutrition

Delahna Flagg

Delahna has been developing her experience in the food and nutrition industry informally and formally for the last twenty years. Growing up in a household where organic food and active lifestyles were a must, Delahna transformed her envy (for those that could daily enjoy whatever they wanted) into an appreciation for health and nutrition. It became evident to her at an early age that she wanted to encourage nutritious eating habits to support fulfilling lives.

From studying food and cooking on the heels of her mom and grandmother she has continued through her schooling. Having already completed her bachelors and culinary degrees, Delahna is back in school to complete her doctorate in Nutrition and seeking an education in alternative medicine. However, school isn’t preventing her from being a hard-working, career chef.  She continues to focus on her craft developing recipes and meals for healthier lifestyles.

Her love and zeal for food pushes her daily and she dreams that one day everyone will be able to love food and stay healthy and… studying the Nutrition of Aphrodisiacs couldn’t hurt.