The Health Benefits of Coconut

The Health Benefits of Coconut–why it’s great for men

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The health benefits of coconut are almost countless. But why is it particularly good for men’s sexual health?

It’s a great energy source, noted for boosting  endurance. It’s revered for its ability to aid and strengthen the digestive system.  Loaded with carotene, vitamin E and a good source of fiber, it will combat heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol and those pesky free radicals. 

What about coconut water and coconut oil?

Although there is little scientific study to substantiate the claims, coconut water celebrates a long folkloric history as a libido booster. (Read more on the aphrodisiac history of coconut water.)

And in one recent study on the use of coconut oil in cholesterol management, participants reported higher sex drive when taking daily doses of coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil has its enemies. And it’s true that too much of this good thing can cause the kind of health problems that could kill libido. But we say that moderate enjoyment of this exotic-flavored oil shows enough potential to enhance pleasure that we support the practice. Just don’t go overboard!

Some of our favorite recipes featuring coconut:

Chicken & Coconut Stew
Coconut Shrimp Thai Curry
Chicken Coconut Lettuce Wraps
Avocado Toast with Cashew and Coconut
Blackberry and Coconut Parfait
Chicken Roti Skewers

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