coconut water

The aphrodisiac power of coconut water

The August 2009 issue of U.S. News & World Report relayed that the faintly viscose liquid extracted from green (young) coconuts contains far more electrolytes than your average sports drink. (However, most athletes are better off with their Gatorade, which also replaces sodium). So full of electrolytes, in fact, is coconut water, that it contains the same amount as human blood. Talk about a replacement drink! (Coconut water is also a natural source of calcium, potassium and magnesium, which brings us to the aphrodisiac part).

With its powerful punch of minerals and its ability to balance pH levels in the body, this drink can help raise energy naturally, subtly, but when it counts the most! It also raises metabolism—thus it’s reputation as a diet aid and whose sex life doesn’t benefit from a metabolic boost?

Best of all, coconut water is proven to boost circulation, and this is where its ancient, aphrodisiac reputation probably comes in. (Let us not forget that it is blood flow that makes orgasm possible).

According to, coconut water has a few additional aphrodisiac benefits. It is a source of fiber, which, as we’ve discussed before, is beneficial for keeping us feel at our most sleek and lean. It also contains vitamin C, one of those vitamins essential for keeping us looking and feeling young. Lastly, it contains lauric acid, which, according to the site, keeps our immune systems strong.

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