Aphrodisiac ginseng does a body good

Ginseng is a mysterious root that has captivated the Eastern medical community since the practice’s beginnings. Authentic ginseng, from the species Panax, is commonly used as a healing agent to treat fatigue, reduce stress, fight infection and cure impotence. It is perhaps because of its stellar reputation in Eastern tradition that this root is one of the few aphrodisiacs to be seriously studied by Western science. (Incidentally, in one line of thought, its aphrodisiac reputation comes from its resemblance to an erect penis. But a substantial amount of legit research pretty much puts that claim to bed.)

For starters, in the mid 1990’s, two clinical studies, one in Sweden, the other in Mexico, reported that ginseng, administered in carefully moderated doses of 4 percent ginsenosides, was successful in fatigue reduction. Skeptical that this proves aphrodisiac power? Stamina is such an attractive attribute in the games of love.

There are also studies that substantiate claims that this powerful root can improve the immune system, improve mental function and control blood pressure. Now, none of these may relate directly to orgasm but they go a long way in giving you a happy, healthy life.

Persuasive findings led Commission E, the German body governing food safety, to declare ginseng a “tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility, for declining capacity for work and concentration, and also during convalescence.” Lastly, a Chinese study confirmed the positive effects of ginseng in treating sexual impotence.

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