Mushrooms--the woman's aphrodisiac? 1

The aphrodisiac power of mushrooms

Cherished in history as far back as the time of ancient Egypt, mushrooms were believed to bring immortality. Other cultures considered them the bringers of super-human strength. And of course, there were those throughout history who celebrated mushrooms for their hallucinogenic effects.

While there little to substantiate mushrooms’ aphrodisiac effects, there is an ancient legend repeating itself through several South Pacific cultures. And the lengend offers some substantiation to the mushroom’s sexy rep. In each of these cultures, a story has been told of women wandering through forests in search of sustenance. After snacking on wild mushrooms, the women feel more than full. They are said to experience fits of sexual ecstasy. Scientists suspect that hormone-like compounds present in the forest fungus may have some similarity to human neurotransmitters released in females during sexual encounters. Unfortunately, the theory also implies that the effects are neutral in men. (There was an obscure study that caught mainstream media attention a few years ago. It claimed that the scent of a rare Hawaiian mushroom caused women to spontaneously orgasm. The results have never been replicated in a controlled study. So… who knows!)

Now, while we don’t really know if mushrooms can offer women spontaneous satisfaction, we do know that they offer the body zinc. In fact, they offer one of the lowest calorie sources of zinc you can find. And zinc is key to blood flow. Without blood flow, you can’t have an orgasm, spontaneous or otherwise.

Whether or not your grocery store button mushroom promises a sexual tickle, the fungi are proven to offer antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects.

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