aphrodisiac sushi

The aphrodisiac power of sushi

According to Greek mythology, all fruits of the sea are the children of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Sushi can take many forms but what we eat in the Western World begins with vinegared rice and generally incorporates seaweed or fish/shellfish or both.

Both fish and seaweed boast nutritional attributes that add to their aphrodisiac powers. Oily fish provide mood-elevating Omega-3 fatty acids and many seafoods offer zinc not to mention the protein needed for sustained energy. Seaweed, the wrapper used on sushi rolls, is an excellent source of vitamin E, also known as the “sex vitamin.”

There isn’t any formal research to support it, but many sushi lovers believe that the sensual pleasure of slippery, cool fish over perfectly cooked rice can be a prelude to saucier things. There is proof that sushi’s accompaniments offer powerful, aphrodisiac benefits. Both ginger and wasabi are considered “warming” ingredients for their ability to raise body temperature and bring an attractive flush to the cheeks. In potent enough doses, they can even cause your body to release endorphins.

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