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Acai and your health – including your libido

One of the most recent buzz words of the food business is acaiThe Health Benefits of Acai Berry 1. It’s an exotic berry grown in the rainforests of South America. More specifically, it is the fruit of the acai palm tree. And is a very popular breakfast food in Brazil. (In its homeland, it is known as an excellent “recovery food” at the end of a long night of partying.) Until about the 1980’s, shipping of the fruit from the fragile Brazilian rainforests was close to impossible. But communities in close proximity to the palm’s growing regions have been enjoying this fruit for centuries, both for flavor and the health benefits of acai.

But what made acai suddenly hit the big time?

The secret is anthocyanin

This superfood is rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant known to reduce cholesterol. It also has the potential to prevent blood clots. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that some of the biggest names in American medicine, including Dr. Perricone, put acai berry on the list of the world’s most nutritious foods.

Best of all, in addition to its ability to aid circulation, etc, acai is considered one of South America’s hottest aphrodisiacs. One of its most notable effects on the body is a marked increase in stamina–heaven knows we could all use that! In addition, the health benefits of acai include the fact that it in calories and high in fiber, the perfect snack for keeping a long, lean, sexy self. And as far as antioxidants go, acai has 10 times the antioxidant potency of red wine, (which is also an aphrodisiac).

How to use it

The Brazilian superfood is most commonly used in a juice or puree form. The berries are close to 90% pit and skin and stain as badly as pomegranate, so serving whole fruits isn’t exactly practical. But you can still reap the health benefits of acai by purchasing it in a pureed form. Use it in smoothies and smoothie bowls. Or, try my favorite chili recipe, which uses acai to create an incredibly rich, faintly sweet flavor.

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