aroma of vanilla

The aphrodisiac power of vanilla

Vanilla is an aphrodisiac? True, it’s one of the most common flavorings but it’s power is most definitely uncommon.

This famous aphrodisiac’s power is in its aroma. Before a vanilla-specked morsel can hit the tongue, the hypothalamus, the gland that controls memory and emotion, jumps into action, evoking feelings connected with its powerful scent. Dropped into bath water, the fragrance will transform the body into sensuous mind-tease.

It was embraced historically for this powerful scent. Queen Elizabeth I used the unmistakable aroma to scent her boudoir. Famed courtesan Madame du Barry allegedly kept it in her arsenal.

Vanilla is an aphrodisiac for men

Studies show that the scent of vanilla is particularly arousing to men, so if you’re looking to land yourself a sugar daddy…It appears the aroma of vanilla is an aphrodisiac to the stronger sex.

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