Celery is powerful from root to leaf

The origins of this vegetable’s reputation as an aphrodisiac are obvious. But celery holds many aphrodisiac powers beyond its phallic form.

For starters, it is said to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is key in releasing sexual hormones. Who knew munching on a stalk of this “diet food” could boost your sex drive?

Does celery increase pheromones?

As if stimulating the pituitary gland isn’t enough, according to National Geographic, it’s believed that celery smells like androstenone, the primary male pheromone. (As a quick refresher, pheromones are those “invisible” scents we all give off. They give anyone within sniff range information about us on an unconscious level. Read more about pheromones and how the impact sexual attraction.)

But apparently our forefathers didn’t need to understand the chemistry to know this vegetable’s potential. Interestingly, the power of this unusual vegetable was well understood as far back as the Middle Ages. This is according to a quote unearthed in the Eighteenth Century by Grimod de la Reyniere, “It is enough to stress that [celery] is not in any way a salad for bachelors.” And speaking of the Eighteenth Century, in the same period, the French believed eating celery soup could increase sexual desire.

Although modern science has yet to reach a conclusion on the potency of raw versus cooked, raw celery root was used for centuries as a cure for impotence. Yet some historians say that the ancient Romans cooked the root to use in their love potions, as, in their opinion cooking increased potency.

Health benefits of celery

This low calorie vegetable also contains a surprising number of nutrients beneficial to sexual health–and overall health. It’s packed with antioxidants and is proven to offer anti-inflammatory benefits. And believe it or not, it’s a source of vitamin C. Lastly, a one-cup serving offers 9% of your daily folate intake as well as trace amounts of manganese and potassium. Not bad for one of world’s lowest calorie foods!

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