The aphrodisiac power of tuna

Nutritionally, tuna, like all other oily fish, is rich in calcium and B vitamins, both valuable in maintaining sexual health. It also offers omega-3 fatty acids, touted for their role in lowering cholesterol and promoting the production of sex hormones. The fish is also a source of selenium, a mineral that aids in sperm production and has been shown  to be beneficial in enhancing mood.

The Japanese, who shunned tuna until the mid-twentieth century, now consume an estimated fifth of the world tuna supply. In Japan, it is often served raw as sashimi, a noted Japanese aphrodisiac.

In 2000, British scientists discovered that a blend the fish’s oil coupled with vitamin E aided in the friskiness of male pigs used as studs. (Early studies showed Prosperm, the name with which the oil blend was anointed, to increase both semen output and the quality of sperm.) The plan was to develop the product as a human dietary supplement. Unfortunately, makers were unable to eliminate one rather disturbing side effect: the product enlarged the pigs’ testicles by twenty percent.

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