aphrodisiac lavender

The aphrodisiac power of lavender

LavenderLavender--an aphrodisiac of aroma 1 is one of the most abused scents in the aromatherapy world. But this precious purple flower’s sensual aroma truly shines in a more subtle, culinary context.

Modern science shows us that lavender is a perfect antidote for a, ahem, soft sausage. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, it’s scent, when combine with pumpkin pie spice, is arousing to men.

A lusciously aromatic herb, lavender makes a versatile flavoring in fresh flower, dried or infused states. Boil a pinch of the dried flowers with equal parts water and sugar then mix in fresh lemon juice to make your very own love tonic, aka lavender lemonade. (And it goes down brilliantly with an added shot of tequila). A dash of fresh lavender mixed into chicken salad takes good old comfort food to sexy new level.

For the less culinary inclined, plant the flower around your house for not only its fragrance but for its folkloric belief to ward off evil spirits. Add a few fresh-cut sprigs to a wildflower bouquet, since the scent alone is enough to drive men wild. And for pretty much any woman who receives a surprise bouquet, well… that’s a given.

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