aphrodisiac asparagus

The aphrodisiac of asparagus

Is any question of this long, fibrous shaft’s ability to excite? It’s name shouldn’t just be asparagus, it should be aphrodisiac asparagus!

All kidding aside (or maybe not) The Vegetarian Society suggests that three straight days of asparagus nibbling produces the most aphrodisiac effect. The society also recommends hand feeding your lover this vegetable of passion.

It is true that three days of eating the popular spring vegetable may give you some strange-smelling urine. It’s the one reason I hear curious eaters balk at asparagus. But you do that in private (hopefully) so who is going to know?

The secret to aphrodisiac asparagus is in more than its shape. This pencil-sized vegetable is also packed with nutrients needed for healthy hormone production. Among it’s finest attributes is an injection of vitamin E. And E is not only essential for sexual hormone production but is great for your skin. But vitamin E is not the only great vitamin you’ll get from these sexy green shafts. The compounds found in asparagus known as steroid glycosides have been studied quite a bit over the years for the ability to promote sexual hormones. Lastly it’s a source of folate, which is important for female reproductive health and the health of sperm.

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