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Roasted, Stuffed Kabocha Squash Recipe

This stuffed Kabocha squash is a meatless meal with a “wow” factor You don’t need a whole turkey or ham to present as the centerpiece of your Holiday meal. This Stuffed Kabocha Squash is as, if not more impressive than the traditional turkey presentation. It’s my recommendation for a Holiday main course that’s got eye […]

The East Indian Gimlet Cocktail

A gin cocktail for the winter months We’re always looking for new ways to use the aphrodisiac of ginger in our cooking. So when the makers of Jaisalmer Gin offered us this recipe for a spicy twist on a Gimlet cocktail, we knew immediately that it was a recipe we had to share.

Fire Cider – healing tonic and more!

What is fire cider? Apple cider vinegar is an old, New England remedy for just about everything. It’s been used to cure complaints from allergies to hangovers. But cider vinegar is also known to promote digestion. Although this vinegar can be fantastic for cooking, a shot of cider vinegar on its own is not exactly […]