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Cupid’s CBD Fizz–a romantic CBD cocktail

An exciting new world of aphrodisiacs With this cocktail recipe, we’re daring to go somewhere we’ve never gone before…into a realm that promotes the aphrodisiac potential of cannabis. This CBD cocktail recipe harnesses the sensual powers of Cannabis Satvia plant. However, it does so without the psychoactive component of the plant, (known as THC). Meaning […]

Savor the Moment–Step #10 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Living in the moment is sexy Put down the distractions! (And yes, that even means your smartphone.) A romantic interlude merits a moment of technology silence. Take time to connect and savor the moment. Make eye contact. And whole-heartedly savor these special moments with your partner. And this goes for long term relationships and those that […]

Move Your Body–Step # 8 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Regular exercise can promote intimacy We exercise to help our bodies look their best on the outside. But regular exercise is also important for proper circulation and function of everything on the inside. If you want to experience exceptional bedroom calisthenics, practice increasing your daily activity and move your body. It will get you ready […]