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Scallops are Great for Women’s Health–power food from the sea

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Scallops are sexy, that’s undeniable. But there’s more to scallops than a delicate flavor and slippery sensuality. They also offer a great source of lean protein. That’s beneficial to us all. But why is it that scallops are great for women’s health?

The B12 levels in scallops help fight heart disease, osteoporosis, and stroke. And the magnesium and potassium levels found in scallops work together with the omega-3 fatty acids to balance blood flow and reducing strain on the cardiovascular system. Scallops are also a noted source of the trace mineral zinc. And zinc is essential for good blood flow, which is essential for climax.

Most interestingly, scallops have proven beneficial to weight loss. Studies show that individuals incorporating scallops and other lean seafoods into their diet will lose weight faster than those who don’t eat seafood.

Just four ounces of scallops–approximately 3 large scallops–can provide a lady with the majority of protein, selenium, magnesium and omegas for the day.  Getting in the habit of eating a moderate amount of scallops will not only benefit heart health. It will also work to reduce the effect of stress on your body.

The combination of nutrients found in scallops will help you maintain a lean, healthy version of yourself while supporting reproductive hormone levels. During pregnancy, moderate caution should be applied (out of concern for mercury levels). But scallops can be particularly beneficial to expecting mothers. Why? It seems that the choline in scallops will not only help your glands prepare for nursing but also  strengthening the brain capacity of your infant.

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