aphrodisiac strawberry

The aphrodisiac power of strawberries

A perfect little red heart, the aphrodisiac strawberry is an edible Valentine. In ancient Rome, the strawberry was a symbol of Venus. And in the French countryside, there was once a tradition of serving newlyweds cold strawberry soup to help promote the aphrodisiac of honeymoon romance.

I don’t know how much truth there is in the matter but I recently heard a charming story about the use of wild strawberries. Apparently there is a Bavarian practice of tying baskets of wild strawberries to the horns of cattle as an offering to elves. The elves, in return, ensure that the cows would soon bear healthy calves. It’s a bit of a ménage a trois from an aphrodisiac perspective, but then, who doesn’t get turned on in the presence of wild strawberries? Oh—and I’m told that this practice is a time honored tradition that’s still carried out today.

Nutrition for a great sex life

Now, from a nutritional standpoint, there’s plenty to love about strawberries. And there are many qualities that would help classify them as aphrodisiac. As you may already know, they’re rich in the antioxidants that will keep you looking and feeling young. And the hefty dose of vitamin C they serve up promotes blood flow. (And do I really need to point out why good blood flow makes for a happy sex life?) By the way, vitamin C is also thought to promote the production of estrogen. In addition, strawberries contain several minerals known to support a healthy sex drive including: magnesium; potassium and folate.

The perfect shape and size for dipping in chocolate, strawberries are perfect as a simple tool of seduction. Try warming milk or cream to a simmer. Remove it from heat and gently fold in premium, dark chocolate.

Strawberry shortcake offers a more complex treat using this aphrodisiac fruit. Serve with ample whipped cream behind a locked bedroom door.

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