Discover why garlic is a libido booster

Garlic is a Libido Booster–discover how it improves blood flow

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Why is it that garlic is a libido booster?

A study by the University of Alabama proved that allicin, a powerful compound produced in garlic, boosts blood flow. It can, in this capacity, not only decrease risk of heart attacks but aid in the ability to maintain erections. This is the primary reason garlic is a libido booster. But Allicin, along with garlic’s other 100+ compounds, (for its size, garlic is an incredibly complex food), has been attributed with numerous other beneficial properties, so getting your garlic is just a good idea all around.

We love the aromatic allium not just because garlic is a libido booster. It is also believed to be antiviral and antibacterial. In addition, garlic can, to some extent, fight free radicals and is considered beneficial in combating high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Garlic’s only drawback is, of course, its effects on breath. Parsley, mint and anise help diminish the distinctive aroma but the best fix is to share your garlicky dish with your lover and indulge in multiple passions together.

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