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The Impact of Pheromones on Sexual Attraction

When it comes to sexual attraction, your nose knows what you want!

When it comes to food and lust, we smell what we want.  Similar to how we sense the seductive aromas of an enticing meal in our vicinity, our noses attract us to people. We sniff out a man or woman as we would a tray of cookies fresh from the oven. How does your nose know? Let’s explore the world of pheromones and sexual attraction.

As strange as it may seem, your nose is in control of your sexual reasoning.  It seeks out its preferred aroma and then tells your brain, “Go for it!” Of course, the message the brain receives is not just from your sense of smell, it is from a specialized region located behind the septum–the vomeronasal organs (VNOs). Signals picked up and delivered by the VNOs relate to sexual appetite, reproductive behavior, and even maternal behavior.

Where do pheromones come from?

Wondering what aromas are charming you? Well, you may not believe it but the pheromones are wafting from the underarms and groin area. These regions are populated by apocrine glands. In short, the sweat glands riddled with and dependent on hormones.  The apocrine glands activate due to stress or when excited sexually thereby secreting your individual brand of pheromone, attracting others to you.

Beware these imitators of sexual attraction

So when you see a person who makes your heart skip a beat, take a moment to wonder. Within your sexual attraction exists a scent that permeates your ability to reason.  Think about it, but beware of imitations. Cologne and perfume manufacturers know humans are attracted to natural scents–the wood, floral, and herbal scents resembling those of our skin. Top performers of the perfume industry utilize the scents of sandalwood, pine, gardenia, lavender, and rosemary. The aromas of certain wines can also mimic those of male and female pheromones. My best advice is to meet someone, spend days and nights together, and hope when their layer of man-made musk dwindles, your sexual attraction does not.


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