Why Women Should Eat Citrus Fruits for Sexual Health

Citrus Fruits for Sexual Health?–why women should eat citrus

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Why should you eat citrus fruits for sexual health? Well, for starters, citrus fruits are rich in vitamins B and C, calcium, magnesium, thiamin, niacin, folic acid, fiber and water. All this, and it even comes wrapped in a colorful package. 

You might not be surprised to learn that because of their potent collection of nutrients, tangy, tart citrus fruits are considered powerhouse foods for rejuvenation. Now you understand why the water at spas is always flavored with a sharp tang of something citrusy.

There has also been investigation into the link between eating citrus and reduced risk of heart disease. The high fiber and water content of citrus fruits are beneficial to weight loss and diet management. (One orange contains over 2 grams. Two thirds of that fiber is soluble and linked with cholesterol management. The other third is insoluble. That’s the stuff that keeps you svelte. And the water content? That helps keep you hydrated.) Citrus fruits’ B vitamins, C and folic acid are all essential to sex drive and sexual health. And there’s potassium, which not only aids sexual function but also helps flush out excess salt.

So peel yourself an orange, squeeze lime into your favorite juice and throw a portable tangerine into your shoulder bag! These fruits will go a long way toward keeping you hydrated, rejuvenated and feeling like your most smart, sexy self. What more could we ask from our fruit?

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