Closeup of Mussels Dish on grey salt from She restaurant Cancun

SHE Restaurant Cancun – a new, aphrodisiac dining experience

An aphrodisiac experience for two

If you’re thinking of giving your love life a surge with a couples trip, Temptation Cancun might be the destination for you. Perhaps you’ve heard of the resort? They made a splash when they announced their top-optional beach and pool areas. But that’s not what we’re buzzing about. What got our attention is the new aphrodisiac menu at the SHE restaurant Cancun.

SHE is the hotel’s formal, couples restaurant. (As opposed to the anything goes vibe of the pool, at this restaurant, formality calls for long pants and collared shirts.) Instead of the dress, (or undress), at this restaurant, it’s the menu that is provocative.

According to Executive Chef Adrian Peregrina, “Our provocative menu is designed to awaken all the senses, not just taste. From the intimate restaurant setting, the way our food is presented to the music and our entertainment, everything at SHE is a testament to Temptation taking romance to a new level.”

We appreciate the chef’s sentiment. But how does this translate to the food? The answer is, with dishes both varied in textures to help excite the senses. But more importantly they deliver many of the nutrients essential for achieving passion in the bedroom. For example, there’s Sweet Potato and Roasted Pineapple Salad with Sliced Duck and Fried Greens in a Citrus Gel. (Read more on what makes pineapple one of our favorite aphrodisiacs.) There’s also Mussels with Bacon and Spinach Gratin. (If you’ve read much about mussels on our site, then you already know that they contain amino acids that support hormone production.) Other dishes feature aphrodisiac ingredients like figs, salmon and saffron

About SHE

The dining room of She restaurant Cancun with pink lights and rows of white tables for two

Although SHE restaurant Cancun is a part of the hotel’s all inclusive package, reservations are required. And tables are for two. Although the restaurant’s focus is romantic dinners, the resort welcomes bachelorette and divorce parties as well as couples seeking their private paradise. For more information on all-inclusive packages or to make a reservation, visit the Temptation website.


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