Hit the bottle--enjoying wine in moderation can be good for sexual health

Hit the Wine Bottle – Step #7 of the 10 Steps to Sexy Diet

Enjoy wine in moderation

Yes, this is the step you’ve been waiting to hear! (Aren’t you glad you hung in there to #7?) A little fizz for the love life, a little blood-thinner for your heart, and an awakening knock to your noggin. Drinking wine in moderation will warm your skin, set the mood by tingling sensitive nerve endings, and cause neurons to dance while resisting cell damage. 

So…what’s moderation?

Enjoying wine in moderation is okay for most of us–a little a day. (The American Heart Association has a very good guideline. They suggest up to 2 glasses/day for men and 1 glass/day for women. And yes, that’s measured in ounces, not the size of your glass!) We know the recommendation to limit wine consumption takes a little bit of the fun out of this step but there’s a variety of reasons you don’t want to overindulge in wine. Most importantly to your Sexy Diet, with overindulgence, your brain activity begins to plummet as does your athleticism. And we’re trying to improve your abilities in the athletics department, so…resist! (But yes, the occasional overindulgence will not completely destroy your mojo. Just make sure it’s a very occasional overindulgence!)

What can wine do for you?

However, despite the dangers of overindulging, drinking wine in moderation actually has a lot to offer your sexual and overall health. In fact, according to extensive studies, wine can have some clinically measured, positive effects.

It can fight depression and has anti-aging benefits. And the same antioxidants in wine that will help keep you looking youthful can also promote heart health and keep your blood pumping. (And good blood flow is necessary for sexual satisfaction.) Red wine may also protect the brain from stroke damage. (Studies on the ability of compounds in wine to protect brain cells from damage have been limited. But initial reports show some promising evidence.) Although the research is in infancy, evidence shows that moderate wine consumption might help fight breast and prostate cancers. So hit the wine in moderation, just don’t hit it too hard!

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