the aphrodisiac of maple syrup

The aphrodisiac power of maple syrup

Maple syrup isn’t among the more popularly touted aphrodisiac foods. Its rarity is probably one of the main reasons for its under-the-radar reputation but its rarity is also part of this sweet nectar’s allure.

When you stop to consider, it is easy to appreciate maple syrup’s seductive attributes. Its flavor is far more complex than a corn-based sweetener, its color darker, more rich and somewhat mysterious. Like honey, it can give the body that quick fix of energy at a key moment but it adds a more distinctive flavor to foods than its golden cousin.

But maple syrup’s aphrodisiac attributes are more extensive than its obvious charms. It is a great source of manganese, (which not only fights free radicals but is specifically essential to the health of the reproductive system.) Maple syrup is also a source of zinc, essential for healthy blood flow (without which, orgasm becomes an impossibility). Zinc is also important in the prevention of prostate cancer.

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