Finning: skip the soup and save a shark

finningImagine planning a romantic evening for you and your lover. Your night’s events begin at a dimly lit table, maybe the low hum of Marvin or Barry in the background, and a light meal with cheeses, oysters, chocolate dipped fruits, and a sparkling wine. Well, have you ever thought about adding Shark Fin Soup to the menu?

Yes… Shark Fin Soup. It’s up there with seal genitals, reindeer velvet, and rhino horn- all aphrodisiacs touted by Asian herbalist shops.

History of finning

Not coveted solely as an aphrodisiac, shark fin has been sought as a gourmet delicacy among Asian cultures since 980 A.D. The high market value, due to its scarcity, makes shark fin a symbol of wealth and stature. However, with the growth of Asia’s economy, the population is indulging more in such trendy and exotic cuisine. In addition to Asia’s indulgence, is the world’s newfound interest in maintaining youth between-the-sheets.

This high demand for the sharks’ dorsal, pectoral, and tail fins are causing a great depletion in one of the globe’s greatest predators. The high price of fins outweighs the value of the rest of the shark. Unfortunately, this has brought about a brutal method for obtaining fins. The shark is caught, fins removed and the bodies are left like logs slowing drifting into the abyss.

Virility enhancer–not likely!

Even though the ingestion of shark fin is believed to enhance virility, scientifically, fin is not proven to have the necessary composition. Shark meat does possess a great amount of Omega-3, cartilage, and Squalene but these nutrients are not found en masse in the fin of the shark. Shark meat has been credited with enhancing the immune system, the health of joints, and assisting in the body’s circulatory system. It is acknowledged that that as a nutritious food, the meat and the animal’s organs encourage a healthy nervous system and brain function- increasing overall organ productivity and vitality. Bottom line: If a shark’s fins possessed the healing powers of the shark’s liver then perhaps it could be more active on human sex organs.

So, despite the hype, I ask to consider sticking to the oysters, chocolate-dipped fruit, and sparkling wine you originally planned. I think Marvin and Barry may help more than a plate of endangered fin.


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