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The aphrodisiac side of peach

The peach is an aphrodisiac of legendary repute. When it was first introduced to Greek and Roman cultures, it was known as the Persian apple. It is suspected that the name is tied with the stone fruit’s aphrodisiac reputation.

By medieval times, peaches were known to “increaseth intercourse,” at least according to the herbalist Albertus Magnus.

But it was not just in Europe that peaches were regarded as aphrodisiac. In early China, peaches were considered “magical.” And in Japan peach blossoms were and still are a symbol of regeneration and fertility. In European culture, Poet William Fahey compared the ripe, cleft, pink fruits to the plunge of cleavage so worshipped in the paintings of the French Impressionist, Renoir.

Today, when a peach is picked warm from the tree, this Southern belle’s sun-kissed flesh is considered reminiscent of a woman’s curves.

Today we know that it’s nutrition, not magic, that places peaches high on the aphrodisiac food chain. You might be surprised to learn that peaches are a great source of vitamin C. And C is a powerful antioxidant to help you look and feel young, fresh and beautiful. (It’s important to note that C supports the formation of collagen!)

Peaches also provide the body with the potassium needed for cardiovascular health. In other words, it gets you moving, whether it’s at the gym or in the bedroom.

And speaking of getting you moving, they also contain niacin, which is essential for producing energy. You won’t be able to sustain a long night of passion without niacin.

Other nutrients key to “peak performance” you’ll find in peaches include iron, folate, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E, also known as the sex vitamin.

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