Travalo Travel Atomizer - a TSA-approved, refillable carrier for fragrances in a rainbow of colors

A Travel Atomizer for Sexy On-the-Go

Take your favorite scent wherever you go

Your own unique scent is something sexy. It’s the scent that gives off pheromones and activates the attraction sensors of potential mates. Not that’s not to say you can’t enhance your own brand once in a while with a delicious perfume or cologne. There are definitely times when a top note of something pretty can enhance your sensuality. For these times, we recommend Travalo’s travel atomizer. 

Easy to use and mess-free

This mini atomizer can be customize with your signature scent. It’s pump system allows for filling and refilling without messes and spills. It’s also fairly easy to clean. Just fill the lipstick-sized capsule with your favorite fragrance and go. (For women, we we recommend an aphrodisiac note like vanilla. And for men, something musky works for us.) But be sure to check the fill indicator before heading out on a long trip.

The atomizer is fairly durable and since it’s refillable, you can use it for years. But when your relationship is finally over, you’ll be happy to know that this travel atomizer’s parts are 99% recyclable.

Airline approved

This TSA-approved travel atomizer holds up to 65 sprays. It is designed for both men and women to use so it comes in a variety of both feminine and masculine colors. For more information, visit the Travalo website or order yours today from Amazon:


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