Amour de Deutz Rosé Champagne

Discover the Best Wines for Valentine’s Day

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Last week I wrote an article for The Daily Meal on the best wines for Valentine’s Day, (“10 Perfect Wines for Valentine’s Day or any Romantic Occasion“). I selected the wines for the article based on the research of the late Dr. Max Lake. I’ve written on Dr. Lake before; as an aphrodisiac foods authority, he was one of my mentors. Dr. Lake found that the scents of certain wines can replicate those of human pheromones and trigger attraction. As I put it in the Daily Meal story, choose correctly and your wine can serve as a form of foreplay.

If your goal with a wine is to trigger attraction, Dr. Lake recommended looking for whites with feral and sweaty notes as well as earthy characteristics like petrol and minerality as well as citrus and white flower. In reds you also want to look for earthy notes like truffle, tobacco and cedar as well as leather and violets.

You can discover the wines I recommended for these characteristics at

There are, of course, other ways to choose your wine for romance. You can go with something that spells love on the label. Winemaking is a romantic pursuit. That’s probably why there are so many well-made wines with names or imagery with messages of love. Some of my top choices include:

Amour de Deutz Rosé ChampagneIron Horse Wedding Cuvee Sparkling Wine (California)
Amour de Deutz Rosé Champagne (France)
Naked Winery Tease Riesling (Oregon)
Loveblock Pinot Noir (New Zealand)
Joseph Drouhin Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru “Les Amoureuses” (France)
Blackbird Vineyards Paramour (California)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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