Celli wines of Emilia-Romagna

Discover Spectacular Wines from Emilia-Romagna

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with Amy Reiley

Of all Italy’s glorious food and wine regions, Emilia-Romagna may be one of the least known. But it’s a food lover’s dream! If you’re familiar with the name, it’s probably because it’s the origin of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto de Parma. Those are names we know. But what most of us don’t know about are the wines from Emilia-Romagna. 
I recently had the opportunity taste the wines of one of Emilia-Romagna’s most extraordinary wineries, the Azienda Agricola Vinicola Celli, or simply Celli. The winery specializes in local varieties and produces both still and sparkling wines. The true standouts are the Sangiovese wines. Here’s just a small taste of what you can expect with these wines from Emilia-Romagna:

2016 Le Grillaie Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore

This is such an easy to drink, simple and fresh wine with lovely red cherry notes and a salinity to the finish. I think it would pair well with anything, although the winemaker recommends grilled chicken and pork and pasta with meat sauces.

Celli wines from Emilia-Romagna2013 Le Grillaie Riserva Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore

Ripe berry and slightly spicy aromas make you want–need–to taste this wine. It offers surprising softness in the mouth with blueberry and other black fruit flavors and that signature saline finish.

2013 Bron & Ruseval Romagna DOC Sangiovese Riserva Bertinoro

This is a wine with undeniable intensity and a fascinating interplay of masculinity and femininity. On the nose there’s the delicacy of violets combine with earthy, dark spices. In the mouth there’s bright fruit and a mouthwateringly salty finish. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite wines from Emilia-Romagna.

2014 Bron & Ruseval Forli IGT Rosso

This New World-inspired blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with Sangiovese is a brawny wine with good tannic structure. It offers ripe red fruit and musky blackberry aromas and flavors with a hint of salinity at the end.


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