Aphrodisiac Baking Mixes from Good Natured Gourmet

Aphrodisiac Baking Mixes Make Baking for Lovers Easy

Aphrodisiac Baking Mixes from Good Natured GourmetWe really thought we’d seen it all in the aphrodisiac foods category, until Good Natured Gourmet sent us their aphrodisiac baking mixes.

With flavors like Honeymoons Chocolate Chip Cookie and True Romance Brownie Mix, the company combines traditional easy-to-bake cookie and bar ingredients with natural aphrodisiacs. We got a kick (figuratively and literally) out of the Love Potion Dark Chocolate Vanilla Chip cookies with vitamin E and ginseng. Created by a registered nurse and baker, the concept behind the cookies is to add a little libido boost without sacrificing flavor. The results come in pretty sweet little packages!

For more information, visit Good Natured Gourmet.


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