The 10 best foods for women

Discover 10 foods every woman should eat

by Amy Reiley with Delahna Flagg

Women are known as the fairer sex. And as such, women require a different balance of nutrients from men. For starters, our protein and calorie requirements are vastly different than those of men. But what we eat can not only effect our energy and appearance but it greatly impacts our sexual health and fertility.

Women tend to have a lower sex drive than their male counterparts. But getting the right nutrients can help boost that sex drive, maintain the right sexual hormone levels and even help keep the ph balance of the female reproductive system. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best foods for women. In addition to foods that will help support libido and sexual hormone production our top 10 aphrodisiac foods for women offers ingredients for improving fertility, sustaining stamina, boosting mood, maintaining beauty and slowing the aging process–all factors in maintaining a healthy sex life for life!

dark chocolateThe 10 Best Foods For Women

Food #1
Dark Chocolate

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Discover how you can easily add the very best ingredients into your diet every day with our 3-day menu plan incorporating a libido-boosting dose of the 10 Best Foods:

The 72-Hour Jump Start Your Libido Menu


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