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Antioxidant Rich Dark Chocolate is Good for a Woman’s Health

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Antioxidant rich dark chocolate is truly a gift of the gods; since chocolate, in its most unfettered form, has natural stimulants that encourage blood flow, better energy levels and stamina. In other words, high-quality dark chocolate is good for women’s health. 

You may have heard that chocolate has a caffeine-like stimulant that can give you a little energy boost. It’s true. And the antioxidants in dark chocolate give ladies a way to satisfy that sweet tooth while supporting the heart’s health. Of course, the darker the chocolate, the greater the benefit. Don’t think you’re going to benefit your heart and your sex life with a bar of milk chocolate. Unfortunately, the lower the percentage of cacao in your choice of chocolate, the less health benefits the chocolate contains. Milk chocolate is mostly dairy and sugar, neither of which is going to benefit your love life. But if you really want to tap into the nutritional power of chocolate, try cacao nibs. With their slightly bitter yet still satisfyingly chocolatey flavor, they are potent little antioxidant carriers in a rich, chocolate package. If the bitter, unsweetened flavor of cacao is too much for your taste buds to handle, the good news is that dark chocolate is good for women’s health.

Since it is relatively low in sugars (including milk sugars),  dark chocolate is proven to be not as addictive as milk chocolate. This means it’s less likely to spur skin problems. And it’s better for the ph balance of your reproductive system. So consider trading in your milk chocolate for the dark stuff and, for added sweetness and an extra antioxidant boost, combine it with fresh berries.

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