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What Makes Tofu One of the Best Foods for Women’s Sexual Health?

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tofu-best food for womenTofu is a controversial food. But for women, minimally processed, non-GMO tofu offers nutritional value that cannot be ignored.  It’s a very lean (not to mention versatile)  form of protein that’s low in calories and fat.  And it has proven beneficial in fighting breast cancer. It can help ease the way through menopause. And it contributes to heart health.

And these are just the benefits we know about! It is believed that there is still much to be discovered about the phytonutrients in soy (from soybeans to bean curd to even soy oil) and their benefits to both women’s sexual and overall health.

Some of our favorite recipes featuring tofu:

Vegetarian Lasagna with Zucchini, Tomatoes and Tofu
Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Mousse

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