Headshot for Chef and Wine Educator Annette Tomei

Annette Tomei is a food and beverage industry professional with a Master’s of Arts in Gastronomy and extensive education in wine and spirits. Her career includes over ten years in culinary education – both instruction and administration – with two of the top culinary institutions in the world. She has also enjoyed nearly two decades as a professional chef in fine dining restaurants in New York City and Napa Valley, upscale catering companies, corporate food service, and in her own restaurant, as well as in private homes around the world.

As an entrepreneur, Annette works with small businesses and individuals to identify and create innovative growth opportunities through food and drink related education, events, and media outreach. She also continues to act as a consulting private chef for a select group of private clients.

As an educator, Annette designs academic programs for culinary schools, The New School in New York City, and corporate clients. She specializes in subjects as diverse as gastronomy (food and beverage history and policy), “Restaurant Life”, and food and drink flavor dynamics with tastings, as well as basic culinary skills, professional service, and event management.

Annette is a published author, contributor to academic texts, and a contributing editor with Life of Reiley Publications. Her most recent work can be found in Savoring Gotham, edited by Andrew Smith, published by Oxford University Press, 2015; and online for us, where she writes Wine of the Week, Eat and Tell and contributes original recipes.

You can find more information about Annette Tomei on www.ChefAnnetteTomei.com and follow her as @ChefAnnette on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter; and as VinEducation on Facebook.


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