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Dark Chocolate Bark From The Oaks at Ojai

The Oaks at Ojai Dark Chocolate BarkThis recipe comes to us from The Oaks at Ojai, an oasis of health and wellness in Southern California. The Oaks prides itself on creating calorie-conscious but full-flavored cuisine. This Dark Chocolate Bark recipe, a perfect example of that philosophy, is also one of the sexiest homemade chocolates we’ve tried. Made from a base of premium, dark chocolate, it combines decadent richness with a medley of raw nuts and dried fruits. Read more


Easy Cappuccino Biscotti Recipe–a cookie with caffeine

A traditional biscotti with a caffeinated twist

Easy Cappuccino Biscotti Recipe

Chef Annette Tomei gave us her trusted biscotti recipe. It was adapted from a recipe originally printed in the December 1992 Gourmet magazine, although Annette made it her own with tweaks over the years. Read more


Chocolate Avocado Cake Recipe

Chocolate Avocado Cake RecipeWe are thrilled to share this recipe, which dares to combine two of our favorite aphrodisiacs. Chocolate cake is, of course, a classic and baking it in a bundt pan helps ensure even cooking and moistness. Read more

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Nestlé Toll House Redux–The Aphrodisiac Cookie Bar Recipe

Aphrodisiac cookie bar recipeChildhood never got sweeter than a chocolate chip cookie. And one of our favorite childhood flavors was the good old Nestlé Toll House cookie bar, the classic cookie recipe spread into a pan and baked like brownies. Read more


recipe for chipotle bacon chocolate chip cookies

bacon chocolate chip cookiesrecipe by Tina Casaceli of Milk & Cookies Bakery

excerpted from Romancing the Stove: the unabridged guide to aphrodisiac foods

We love a good cookie–and Tina makes some of the best cookies we’ve ever tasted. This one is a decadent, bacon-laden variation on the classic chocolate chip. Read more