72 Hour Libido-Boosting Menu for Women 1

72 Hour Libido-Boosting Menu for Women

You can actually eat your way to a better sex life? Yep! Well, partner not included… But our libido-boosting menu for women is packed with delicious foods that are great for promoting sexual hormone production, boosting energy and feeling your best.

To help make sure you’re inspired, we’ve highlighted the ingredients from our 10 Best Foods For Women. Click on these ingredients to discover more about how the right food choices can impact your sex life for the better!

Day 1


Strawberry, chopped peanut and yogurt parfait

A yogurt parfait as part of the libido-boosting diet for women

1 tbsp peanuts

6 oz plain Greek yogurt

½ c sliced strawberries

optional: granola and/or other berries you love


Salmon, citrus & kale salad

2 oz wild salmon

2 c kale

½ c citrus fruit segments

2 tsp olive oil

1/4 c wild rice

1 tbsp pine nuts

lemonade spritzer

3 oz lemonade (with real lemon juice & brown sugar or natural sweetener)

3 oz sparkling water


Chile-spiked drinking chocolate

pinch chile powder

1 oz grated dark chocolate

2-3 oz whole or 2 % milk

2-3 oz water


vegetable-rich lentil soup

(made with low-sodium stock)

1 ½ oz cheese (your favorite—as long as it is all-natural)

1 serving whole grain crackers


Mixed berries & Vino

½ c mixed berries

5 oz glass of wine

Day 2


Eggs & Buttered toast

1 egg + 2 whites scrambled (w/ assorted veggies-optional)

1 slice whole grain toast w/ ½ tbsp butter, almond or peanut butter


Tofu Panini

½ sourdough or ciabatta roll

3 oz firm tofu

roasted bell pepper

1 oz provolone cheese

chopped, fresh basil

pinch chile flake

Pressed in a sandwich press, (served hot).


Nuts, Chocolate, & Caffeine

¼ c dark chocolate covered peanuts

cup of coffee or espresso


Seared Scallops with spinach and salsa

3 jumbo scallops(or 5 small scallops)

1 c cooked spinach

as much salsa as you want (no added sugar)

2 small corn or whole wheat tortillas


Chocolate & Vino

Libido-Boosting Menu for Women

2 oz dark chocolate brownie

5 oz glass of wine

Day 3


Strawberry, banana, orange and pecan smoothie

1 ¾ c combine chopped, fresh strawberries, bananas and oranges

1 tbsp pecans

Combine all ingredients in blender.


Seafood Salad

A Seafood Salad--part of the 72 Hour Libido Boosting Diet for Women

3 oz mixed seafood (scallops, shrimp, salmon, mussels, crab, etc)

romaine and/or arugula (at least 2 cups or as much as you like)

1 tbsp citrus vinaigrette


 Homemade trail mix

combine dried strawberries, mango, coconut, dark chocolate pieces and salted peanuts (¼ c total)


Tofu stir fry

3 oz tofu, cubed

assorted bell peppers

chile pepper

chopped kale

1 small onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

½ tbsp miso

juice of ½- 1 lemon

1 oz (before cooking) buckwheat or whole wheat noodles


Sorbet & Vino

½ c citrus sorbet

5 oz glass of wine

After 72 hours of this libido-boosting diet for women, you should start to feel a change. Of course, if you want to make a true impact on your libido and overall health, be sure to continue to incorporate more of the 10 Best Foods for Women into your diet!

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